POI File Sample

Follow the link below to download a POI file containing all the 527 Apple Stores in the world.

If you are using POIViewer, just tap on the link to import the file.

Apple Stores. Last updated on November 4th, 2023.

In POIViewer, you may then go to the Map tab to see all the stores on the map.

If you are looking for a specific store, use the search field in the Places tab.

Then, select a store in the Places tab or on the map to see the StreetView images. You can also see the public images from Flickr and Instagram that were taken near the store. If you have made phtoos with your iPhone or iPad near the place, you will also be able to browse them.

You can also see the Foursquare tips or the Panoramio images which are better than Instagram's or Flicker's to get an idea of what the place look like.

Learn interesting stuff about the neighbourhood of the store by browsing the Wikipedia articles written about nearby places.



★★★★★ A must buy App
★★★★★ Ottimo (Excellent)
★★★★★ At last my poi back
★★★★ Wonderful travel companion.
★★★★★ Génial pour afficher plusieurs couches de pts d'intérêt (Great to see several layers of POI)
★★★★ Conforme à la description
★★★★★ Muy buena gestion de Pois
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